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If anyone asks me, I would call myself a digital artist. I do 99% of my cover work and graphic design on my computer, but I do also do some traditional art. 

Every week I host two LIVE Whatnot Shows where I sketch, ink, and sometimes color/render a blank comic. The shows usually go for about an hour, sometimes over and I try to get the other people in the stream as involved as I can. At the end of the show, I put the blank up for auction and let someone who has watched the whole process add a new, one-of-a-kind piece of art to their collection. I also let the winners tell me if they want me to add blood or keep it clean. Winners historically ask for Ryan Ottley level of blood and splatter which is fine with me!

I do have a small commission list I open every month. Fill out my Contact Form if you would like to find out more about my sketch cover commissions. 

Follow me on Whatnot to find out what Blank Covers I have planned next and check out the gallery of past sketch covers below!

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