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What is Important to me as an Artist?

My art is one of the most important things to me as a person. Art is how we tell stories, it is how we preserve legacies and history. In my style, the original one where I am more messy with construction lines and brush strokes, I like to lace in influences from several of my families lineage including Celtic, Norse, and English. I love being organic as I want with messy lines and familiar textures. Don't get me wrong, I love a clean black and white inked drawing like when I do Mignola or Dr. Seuss homage pieces, but I can not help adding some sort of texture or distressing a wall to give it more depth and some kind of story inside that scene. 

Some of my influences that push me to continually develop my style include Mike Mignola, Mark Simpson (Jock), Frank Miller, Todd McFarlane, Del'Otto, Mark Kistler, TenHundred and so many more. Their style, and me trying to mimic their style in my younger years and into my professional life continue to fuel my creativity, passion, and pushes me forward everyday. 

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