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In 2019 I went from being a Michigan based Artist to a Chicago based artist. My family and I loved to the Chicagoland Area and because I was in a transitional time at my job, we made the leap to move states and i also ended up I diving head into the comics I had been writing and story telling.

Back in 2017 I created my original Character The Grey Wolf under my creator owned publishing house, Veritas Comics. I have always wanted to create my own comic book as an artistic challenge and bucket list check off, so I came up with a character I would want to read about and got started. The early stories and sketches of The Grey Wolf were clunky and lacked something but I didnt know what it was. I worked through the character development, build his back story and filled out his world. Over three years later I am finaly in a place creatively and in the writing process where I want to share what I have made. 

As an artist, I focus on comic cover art, homage art, my original character development, and the original stories I will be publishing through Veritas