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World Building

In Graphic Design and Marketing, I had to create customer profiles. I would give them names, pick their age, demographic, job, family, location, everything. I was in a sense practicing for creating original characters for my stories. I took all these lessons and started applying them to flesh out and give the names I had written down some depth and substance.

When thinking about what I believe makes a good character I had to look at what gets me excited about a story or, or makes me really like a specific character and I found out I really like villains and anti-heros. It just feel like there is more on the line for them. In star wars, I like Mandalorians way more than Jedi, I prefer the darker Batfleck/Dark Knight style Batman, and the Netflix Punisher has got to be the gold standard for a modern Anti-Hero.

With all that in mind, I try to take all of that backstory, all the history that informs these characters decisions and created events that my original characters have to experience that will give them the opportunity for that growth. 

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As soon as I started designing my first character, The Grey Wolf, I new I would have to create a world for him to live in. I quickly found out that all my background in Graphic Design really set me up to see the big picture when it comes to work building, motivations, and back story. 

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The Grey Wolf is a Cinematic-Epic told through the perspective of Waylan Ash; who, from a long line of agents named Grey Wolf, is the latest to wear the mantel.  Through out this Saga, we follow The Grey Wolf through various eras and genres including Vikings, Pirates, and Fantasy. At its core, The Grey wolf is a Detective Thriller/Mystery that evolves overtime, giving you small pieces of the puzzle along the way.  There is a central focus of Human Drama, Evolution, and growth as we watch Waylan take up the Grey Wolf Mantel and find out what it truly means to carry that burden.


The Story starts with our first Arc titled “The Last Test"

Immediately we are thrown into the world as Waylan wakes up on the forest floor next to a stream with no memory of how he got there.  Looking around he doesn't see any of the other 5 candidates he started the test with back at Connell Industries.

How did he get here?

What part of the test is this?

Where are the others?

Our first story introduces you to The Pack, a private group of elite soldiers and agents that include the Grey Wolf.  Thought out the years, The Pack has found that testing a potential Grey Wolf is the most effective way to choose the next successor. The final test of the Grey Wolf involves a potential heading into the wilderness to complete a series of trials and test to prove their worthiness. This is where we meet Wayland Ash, an unlikely candidate who just recently found out he has a direct lineage back to the original Grey Wolf. 

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