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Where did Red Wolf Exclusives come from? I wanted to find a creative outlet to help manage by work life balance.  So I started watching youtube channels and found some awesome projects to work on. I found one where they took a toy DL-44 Blaster and painted it to look like it was a real movie prop. I thought that was so cool! I mainly made it for my personal collection but pretty quick after that, a designer buddy said I should start an Etsy shop and sell the collectibles I was making.  

Now, I've done everything from the DL-44 Blasters all they way to a Life Size Han Solo in Carbonite for my office. 

I love painting on 3-d surfaces. The shadows, blending the paint, and making what ever I'm painting look real is always a fun challenge.


People have really liked them because I have sold 100s of blasters! I still think it's pretty crazy for being a hobby. Now I work on what ever I find.  Toy Hunting clearance items and finding really cool pieces on ebay has given me a pretty much endless supply of projects.  Check out my Instagram to follow all the stuff I work on at the warehouse and find out what new listing I am offering on my Etsy

Here are a few things I work with

  • Custom Painted Figures

  • Star Wars Collectibles

  • Star Wars Helmets

  • Anything Mandalorian

  • Wood Working

  • Custom Art

  • Special Commissions Avaliable

  • Empty Spray Paint Cans

  • Batman Collectibles


custom painted collectibles



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