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What is FavToons

In August, I wanted to work on stretching my style and decided to do as many cartoon character studies as I could think of. I came up with 78. Next I had to a subject. A self portrait would be easy so I went with a Family Portrait of me, my wife, and my toddler.  The first one I did was Rick and Morty because I love that show and thought my wife would get a kick out of it. I posted it to my instagram and got a pretty big response from my family and friends. I thought, "Nice, I'll make these these family portrait studies a weekly thing and call it #familyportraitfriday." I did have over a year of content planned out. So I made the first set of 20 and started posting them each week. I did Family Guy, Simpsons, Futurama, a bunch and then people started asking how much I would charge them to do one for them. Some quick research and an afternoon later I opened a new Etsy called Favtoons and have been rocking and rolling ever since. Below are some examples of the portraits I have done. If you want one, Head over to my Etsy and pick one out! Click Here

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