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Art People Like So Much, They Wear It

I have designed thousands of tee shirt designs over the last 15 years. For a while, I worked as the Graphic Designer at a Screen Print shop in Michigan and that had a real impact on my art style. Now, when ever I do a piece, I think, "can this be a tee shirt?" Learning about screen printing and how to make art for shirt printing helped form my designers eye working with one color art. I've taken all those lessons and applied them to my torrent Tee Shirt design work with clients like my own brands, ComicTom101, Schools, Breweries, and more. 

I have started and ended a ton of clothing lines. One that has stuck through out the last 11 years is BlkIrish Apparel. I have free reign to do any designs I want and am currently experimenting with a more street art/vintage style, Check it out here

Below are some NateMadeIt designs that I enjoy as a designer. If you work in a creative field, you might find these fun too.

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