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Blkirish is my personal clothing brand. I started it in 2009 when I realized I could put my drawings on tee shirts. 

I named the line after my brother. We are Irish on my Mom's side and he has all the dark featuers. I remember being told we weren't Irish, we were Black Irish because we weren't the stereotypical red hair, blue eyed, fair skin celts you think of when you think of someone with Irish ancestors. After I heard that term I was set on it, we were the Black Irish. Even better, later I found out the term meant more rough around the edge Irish (like the Black Donnelley's). I mean, who wouldn't want to in that group. 

BlkIrish has grown with me as an artist over the last 12 years. We had the midwest party style tees with the bright colors and punk sayings, we went through a hard core artsy phase where everything was a pencil sketch, there was the biker phase where we actually started to alienate customers because we looked like a strait up biker gang rolling around the city away from that to where we are today. 


Our newest 2021 drop is all about me going back to my roots and making more street style art. I have been really into vintage mascots, textures, and propaganda style street art so I took all those inspirations and decieded to re-release BlkIrish in January 1st 2021 with all new designs and a new feel. Im very proud of this line and along with some of the most comfortable shirts I could find, I think you're really going to love the prints and other items like buttons posters, and stickers.  

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